I have had the the good fortunate to work in virtually every design industry with high-end projects
that touch every market. This includes motion pictures, broadcast commercials and television shows, video games, advertising campaigns, product designs, web designs, publishing and even my own Kickstarter crowd-funded projects. Along the way I won some distinguished awards and been featured in several publications as well.
There is no way I could have achieved any of this myself. I have been surrounded by incredibly talented people who continue to mentor and inspire me. While I have worked as a director, manager, and strategist, I still love to teach, collaborate, and create amazing artworks that include design, video, motion design, 3d and illustration. I always find time to sketch and draw too—both digitally and traditionally. One of my nicknames is "the bulldozer," meaning, I get stuff done no matter what is in the way. 
When I’m not doing all of this creative stuff, I am doing other creative stuff, with my creative family. 
I frequent and show in galleries like Rotofugi and Toy De Jour, plus attend conferences like DesignerCon, CTX, Half-Rez, Renegade Craft Fair, C2E2 and more. I participate in Atomic Sketch, Drink & Draws and other events around Chicago. I also continue to mentor, teach, and coach creative individuals and teams via Chimirus. Oh, I love playing volleyball, road trips, White Castle, donuts and robots too! Drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.
2017 SILVER PM360 Pharma Choice - Ultrashape Social Media Campaign
2017 GOLD Horizon Awards - Ronald McDonald Pop Tab Campaign
2017 Winner Med Ad News - Ronald McDonald Pop Tab Campaign
2017 SILVER Communicator Award - Heifer EADD Project
2017 SILVER Communicator Award - Ronald McDonald Pop Tab Campaign
2017 SILVER Communicator Award - Ultrashape Video
2016 SILVER Horizon Awards - Ultrashape Campaign - Video
2016 Heart Award - Med Ad NewsHackMed Health House
2016 GOLD National Health Information Awards - Ronald McDonald Pop Tab Campaign
2016 SILVER Rx Club - Ronald McDonald Pop Tab Campaign
2015 Winner Davey Awards - Ultrashape Video

Adobe Creative Cloud - Busted Bots Feature
Atomic Sketch Panelist - @AtomicSketch
Master Your Portfolio - @Chimirus - @International School of Comics
Character Design Workshop - @Chimirus - @CGCookie
Rebel Yell Gallery show - @ToydeJour
Chicago Adobe Creative Jam Speaker - @CreativeJam
Character Design Workshop - @Chimirus - @Rotofugi
PM360 Magazine - 2017 Greatest Creators - PM360
Making Art Work Event - @Chimirus
Something's going on Here Gallery show - @ToydeJour
Rabid Robot Rampage Gallery show - @TheNorthdown
Chicago C4D Presentation - Dose Pictures @Chicagoc4d
Mythical Creatures Gallery show @SideshowGallery
The Gnomon Workshop - Interview
Robot Envy - Creative Bloq

Robot Envy - Book Design Blog 
Robot Envy Robot Envy
Robot Envy Release Party & Gallery Show @Rotofugi
Robot Envy: Zenith Kickstarter 2015
Armature Magazine - Columbia College 2014 - Interview
Character Visualization for Games Gallery Show @Rotofugi
Robot Envy - Kickstarter 2012
Logo Lounge 2 - Logo Lounge 2
Logo Lounge 3 - Logo Lounge 3
Logo Lounge Master Library 2 - Logo Lounge Master Library 2
Wizard World - Exhibitor 2009


Industry Night - Almost Gold - October 25th 2018
Master your Portfolio - @International School of Comics - July 20th 2018
Industry Night - CG Cookie - May 22nd 2018
Making Art Work - Flashpoint - April 22nd 2018
Character Design - CG Cookie - January 27th 2018
Character Design - Rotofugi - January 27th 2018
Making Art Work - Next Now - August 11th 2017
Making Art Work - Teams Design - August 11th 2017
Adobe Creative Jam Chicago - Adobe - October 11th 2018
Chicago C4D Presentation - Dose Pictures @Chicagoc4d
5-Minute Photoshop - Dose Pictures
Rapid Viz Techniques - Dose Pictures
Instruction - Photoshop for Digital Production - The Gnomon Workshop
Instruction - Photoshop for Digital Production - Gnomon School
Art Instructor for Columbia College Chicago - IAM
Thank you!
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