Tony Hawk: Shred is the sequel to Tony Hawk: Ride. At this time the development team really had some improved tools, techniques and processes for art creation. We were able to focus on creating engaging and imaginative levels—which required a crazy amount of concept art. This is only a small collection of the art. Plus, Shred had skateboards AND snowboarding in it. We had to outsource some environment renders for the team, and partnered with Volta for collaboration.

Kenrick was an amazing concept artist to work with, he was fast, efficient and had plenty of ideas to support gameplay, characters and the environment team. He was indeed a machine.

While this game was leaps and bounds better than Ride, the previous reviews walled off the community for this game to stand a chance. Shred had some really cool level designs though. Again, I was really proud of what the team was able to accomplish.
Creative Direction: David Michicich & Josh Tsui
Art Direction: Dave Pasciuto
Concept Art & Design: Kenrick Leung, Dave Pasciuto, Volta
Environment Artists: Roger Yuen, Matt Battaglia, Justin Kim, Jonathan Thompson, Wes Burke, Hugh McCullom

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