AbelsonTaylor Challenged its employees to discover the power of one, how one little tab, joined by others, can add up to one big way to help families with children in the hospital. Because collecting and recycling pop tabs supports families allowing them to stay close to their child at a Ronald McDonald House.
Through our Power of One campaign, creating posters, videos and strategic reminders, our pop table collection grew, and grew, and grew and grew. In fact, in just 6 months, we increased our total amount collected by 600%!
Best of all, it made pop tabs an automatic behavior, which helped to support more families staying at a Ronal McDonald House. It all started with one tab…joined by another…and another…and another. That’s the power of one. 
Creative/Art Direction: Dave Pasciuto
Producer: Nick Schroeder
3d/Animation: Colin Craig
Compositing: Dave Pasciuto, Brody Davis, Marco Giampaolo
Audio: Musikvergnuegen
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