CEB Tower in Washington D.C. wanted to create a unique experience to enjoy the top tourist monuments and locations all in one place. Hover DC does just that with a 20 foot video screen that hovers 10,000 feet above our nations capital and more—all in restricted airspace. As we fly above the Pentagon, Georgetown University, the Washington Monument and more, you can feel the wind in your face from a view never seen before!

Working on this project was very cool and challenging. The logistics of shooting the video from restricted airspace and building a seamless experience required a unique editor-like approach. We also had to find creative ways to create transitions that tied each location together in the experience in a visual compelling and natural way. I collaborated with the team to find solutions for all of these, plus create animation, composite, design and even develop concept art for additional phases. This was a really unique project to work on.
Creative Direction: Josh Tsui 
Art Direction: Josh Tsui, Dave Pasciuto
Executive Producer: Josh Tsui
Edit, Producer: Matt Benepe
3d/Animation: Bret Shields, Dave Pasciuto
Compositing: Dave Pasciuto
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